Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Mt. Windy"

Add to Google Reader or HomepageThere is snow on Mt. Ventoux!

There has been frost on the roof across the street several mornings this week. This morning – when it was clear enough to see the top of the mountain – I saw snow at the top of “Mt. Windy.”

Snow on the mountain should not surprise anyone who has walked around in the chilly temperatures that we have had. If you are not standing directly in the sun, it’s cold! With the wind and the cloudy afternoon we had, we turned on one of the little space heaters. (It doesn’t take much heat to warm up this little space.)

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  1. Chers Mark et Ellen,

    Loved "Mt Windy" -- have never taken the time to translate it into such a heartwarming term! Merci. Keep warm and hope you are feeling better, Ellen.

    P.S.: My oh, my, how it was freezing yesterday! We were outside bottling our wines, freezing our ears off (when they weren't safely tucked beneath our bonnets!