Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back at the crèche

Add to Google Reader or Homepage     It is amazing to compare the kids I left last spring with the new kids who have taken their places at the crèche. It is amazing how much kids at age three change in six months! Getting to observe the changes is awesome.

     Last spring, I ate with kids (six months older) who could manage tableware and succeed in getting the items on fork or spoon all of the way into their mouths. Last Friday, I was actually laughing out loud watching the kids eat/try to eat. Young three year olds eat with their whole face: yogurt on eye lids, carrots on cheeks and applesauce from chin to neck.

     The other difference between last year and this year is that this year I had to read and sign that I understood the new health (disease prevention) procedures. The French are very serious about controlling the spread of H1N1 and expect all who work with kids to do everything that we can to ensure that kids stay healthy.

     I will attend a parent meeting this week. It will be an opportunity for the parents to meet the whole team (toute l’équipe), to see pictures of their kids in action and to hear about the approach to learning.


  1. Goodness! I thought you were talking about dinner with Ellen after her second glass of wine.
    Ah! Aren't children fun. I have come to the conclusion that it is evident yours truly has fallen under their spell. Baking cookies with grandchildren has been great fun. They too have grown to take charge of the dough. Peace.

  2. Good picture from the balcony!

    ...I do hope they realize how lucky they are to get someone from over the ocean to look after them!

    A great privilege! I left the reference of the editor you may be interested on the Golden retrievers prose.

    By the way, Florian is really enjoying his preparatory year at Unil (Switzerland)... and enjoys his life there!

    Trick or treat, he was born on October 31st...yes! he was... but we do not celebrate on that day for several reasons and decide on another date!

    Take care!


    PS: My Mum asked me:" Marie, where did you get these prunes? I've never tasted so nice ones!"

    Thanks to you and Ellen for getting them for me!

  3. Bonjour Ellen & Mark,

    I think we should all try eating that way (with the whole face!), from time to time:

    "yogurt on the eyelids, carrots on the cheeks, applesauce from chin to neck"

    Nice seeing you yesterday! PS: Smokey eats this way :-)