Monday, March 26, 2012

A rewarding career

Add to Google Reader or HomepageThis is not the usual type of entry for me. In fact, it is about me!

I am very proud to write that I have been chosen to receive the 2012 Betty Garlick Lifetime Achievement Award by the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children. If I were in Michigan, I would be able to receive the award in person at the MiAEYC annual conference this Friday. Readers can see a little about MiAEYC and the award at:

The Betty Garlick Lifetime Achievement Award is quite an honor. I am very pleased and honored to have been nominated and selected.

Since I can’t be there to receive the award in person on March 30, I enlisted the help of one of the child care teachers at the crèche – a talented amateur videographer -- to help me create a video expressing my thanks. Domy did a great job. She included images of me singing and interacting with the kids (in English and in French) as well as the actual thank you portion of the DVD. In a small way, I can say that my award acceptance was an international effort.

I would love to include the video here for all to see, but the privacy rights of children are protected here in France much as they are in the US. So the video use is restricted only to its showing at the award ceremony.

Who could have guessed that a part-time job driving a bus for Head Start was going to lead to a lifetime of wonderful, rewarding years of working on behalf of kids? And with volunteer opportunities in child care centers in Lansing and at the crèche here, I get to continue doing what I so enjoy.

Thank you for this award, MiAEYC!

I can't talk right now. I am too busy having fun!


  1. Fantastic, Mark! What a fitting award and tribute!!!! (Oops! This got stuck on my Ernie account, and I can't figure out how to get back to my human account!!!)

    Wendy (and Ernie, too, I guess!)

  2. It would be such a treat if you could know how many lives you have touched and if you could see how you have changed the Universe for good...

  3. Congrats, Mark! The award is well deserved.

  4. Wonderful news, Mark. It is such an honor and we are proud of you!!

  5. What is great about Mark, is that he could get this award for working with adults as well. Such a gentle caring soul does not come our way that often. Mark, you're the best!!

  6. A lifetime achievement award is a great recognition of your contributions, Mark! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of recognition for your years of tireless service to and for children. I remember the bus driver years, the day care years, and the years of fighting for money and policy for children. I’m glad that you are back with the kids! Congrats Mark!

  7. Congratulations on the award and recognition for your contributions to the betterment of children's lives. Nothing is more important.

  8. C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !