Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bittersweet moments

Add to Google Reader or HomepageThe countdown has begun. We leave Vaison la Romaine in six days.

We leave Provence as EVERYTHING is in bloom and becoming green. The plane trees are green, the orchards are filled with blossoms and one can see the beginning of new growth on the grapevines. When we were out on Sunday, we saw the first of the red poppies. The temperature has been pleasant (warm but not hot) and the days are filled with sun and low humidity. We have been having our “apero” on our balcony watching the sun move west. Two evenings ago, we ate outside at our neighbor’s house. The days are long even though we are still two months from the solstice. Il fait beau, quoi! 

Leaving is bittersweet. We have made more friends here and have a very nice vie quotidienne. On the other hand, we have wonderful friends in the states, most of whom we have not seen since October. We will miss the long summer here but hope that summer 2010 in Lansing is as nice as last year…

Nonetheless, I will miss the people here – especially the friends we have made, the wonderful foods and wines, the children and the staff at the crèche, the “good energy,” and the beautiful vistas. I can rarely walk anywhere in town without seeing someone whom I know – someone from our French class, a parent of a child at the crèche, our favorite shop owner, etc. Life is good.


  1. I wanted to mention thank you for the recommendation on La Lyriste. We look forward to trying it out.

  2. Wow! Your return is surely with mixed emotions.

  3. Pretty trees, nice weather, blah, blah blah, sorry its hard to leave. Just get yer arses home already.The world just feels unbalanced when you're on that side of the ocean. Not that I don't want you to be following your dreams or anything.

  4. One other thing... I suppose you are going on a writing hiatus, but how about starting a Sullivan Household blog? That way, your amis de Provence can keep up with you while you're back in the USA and for your State-side readers, it's kinda like a nicotine patch. Just sayin'...