Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update: Roman ruins

Ellen, Margaret and Phil went to a presentation about the archeological work on the Roman ruins discovered in Place Monfort. The presentation was given by the lead archeologist and the mayor. (I was at the crèche.)

The archeologist announced that the equipment that I saw last week had been brought in to conduct a “sondage” – a sampling of the ruins that rest below the surface of the present town. We have heard from a variety of sources that the current town is built on top of the Roman ruins. We also heard that there are probably many more walls/remains to discover but most are below the current layout of the city. Our French professor told Ellen, Phil and Margaret that one wall of her basement is a Roman wall…

The backhoes had created holes – somewhat at random – across the parking lot to determine what rests below the surface and whether the city could proceed with its plans to change the area around the big fountain.

The team of archeologists had worked for almost a week clearing the holes and scraping and brushing the walls that they had found.

The lead archeologist announced that the dig had uncovered what was a large basin for holding water during the Roman times. He added that it was not a major find nor did it hold much promise for uncovering valuable artifacts. His team had discussed whether they should attempt to make the site visible from the surface using glass or thick plastic but decided that the exposure would ultimately do more damage from moisture condensation and mold.

The result? On Friday, the backhoes were back refilling the holes with dirt and sand. It appears that the city’s plans to change the square will proceed.Add to Google Reader or Homepage


  1. These pictures and your report of the dig are way cool. Honestly, it seems like you continue to have such neat adventures when people visit. We hope there will be more adventures and things left to explore come next October. Or, you'll have to do a rewind of that video. Lots of anticipation here even though it seems so far off.

  2. ...keeping up with the news! from your site + most beautiful photos (Vaison at night in the snow!)

    I eventually managed to get the photos of my autumnal visit out of the BB

    so good news!

    Spring is settling quitely. I hope you are making most of it wherever you may be!

    Take care!